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This is the Philippine Military Analysis and Updates, a defense-related social media and web portal that gives grounded, logical viewpoints from news and reports that are constantly being updated, from time to time.

True to the name of this social media and web portal, we are discussing the implications of the developments provided, using additional references that gives broader perspective on the facts that are being unfolded before each and every concerned citizens that sees importance of discussing defense as part of a discourse that matter to the country's push for development.

While we do maintain this website in giving updated information, we are not meant to put it as another news aggregator, as indicated on the aforementioned paragraph prior to this one. Also, we are not meant to compete with defense websites that focus on first-hand exclusives or talking of developmental research coming from aggregation of sources. As a community, we are openly cooperating with them as references, or vice-versa. It is a matter of give and take.

Also, some articles that will be provided here may come as an opinionated piece or an editorial and does not reflect official policies of the Armed Forces of the Philippines or any of its sub-agencies that it covers. Moreover, the references linked and highlighted in red (as in the case in this website) are vetted by writers as credible source of information, primarily from multiple media websites with cross-reference from other resource for validity and and accurate disclosure of information.

For old-timers, this is the new Philippine Military Analysis and Updates and is counted as the legitimate successor to the old page of the same name.

Managed by administrators with same principles of creating proper avenue of discourse, we aspire to improve both our social media and web portals for the better.





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