On The German Veto Regarding The Sale of Guarani 6x6 APCs to the Philippines

 Just recently, reports are coming left and right about the problems surrounding the ‘delivery’ of the VBTP-MR Guarani 6x6 Armored Personnel Carrier, whereby the Germany’s office of export control blocks the sale of 28 said Armored Personnel Carriers to the Philippine Army, citing that it has German subcomponents onboard.

This situation is reminiscent issue surrounding the U.S. LHTEC-made engines of the Turkish T-129 ‘ATAK’ Helicopters for the Philippine Air Force, which made delays to the delivery of the air assets and gets delivered eventually as it gets ironed out, with the United States ‘apparently’ allowed the Turkish have the engines since the Philippines is the recipient of the helicopters.

Apparently, the reasons cited does not involve the Philippine Army nor the Philippine government itself, but rather, this is the case that revolves around the fact that both countries embroiled in a diplomatic standoff, involving Brazil’s refusal of providing Ukraine with 35mm ammunition that the Germans requested, and they see this as a simple payback that put the units that the Philippines and other countries, hostage.

From Elbit’s point of view since they are the ones that contract and provide these vehicles to the Philippine Army, this will be problematic as they need to provide the talking and justification that this issue is out of the Israeli company’s hands and that any blacklisting to their end, under the provisions under the Procurement Law or the Republic Act 9184, may not needed to apply at this type of circumstance, which of course will be at the Department of National Defense’ Discretion.

Since it is out of Elbit and the Philippine Armed Forces’ control, the only best thing that can get done in this case for now is wait and hope that both Germany and Brazil resolve their diplomatic differences, as Ukraine currently needs more ammunition to keep their war effort going, as the Russian force still wreaks havoc against the valiant defenders of the Ukrainian soil.


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